What is the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board (BIVA)?

Members of the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board provide leadership, support and expertise for 1,000 BetterInvesting volunteers who serve BetterInvesting clubs and individual members nationwide.

Chair Carol Theine – Puget Sound Chapter

President Susan Tampasis – Heart of Illinois Chapter

Treasurer William Peterson – Phoenix Chapter

Secretary Patrick Donnelly – Pittsburgh Chapter



Diane Amendt – Southeastern Michigan Chapter

Kim Butcher – Evansville Tri-State Chapter

Len Douglass – Southeastern Michigan Chapter

Henry Gold – San Francisco Chapter

Deane Jaeger – Wisconsin Chapter

Joan Loken – Rocky Mountain Chapter

Suzanne McNealy – Sacramento Area Chapter

Joe Parks – Houston Chapter

Christi Powell – Heart of Oklahoma Chapter

Sue Spurlin – Chicagoland Chapter


Associate Directors

Diane Ellison – Puget Sound Chapter

Bobbie Kincaid – Heart of Illinois Chapter

Mary Ann Rentsch – Northeast Ohio Chapter

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