What is the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board (BIVA)?

2016-06-21 13:51

Members of the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board provide leadership, support and expertise for 1,000 BetterInvesting volunteers who serve BetterInvesting clubs and individual members nationwide.

Chair Carol Theine – Puget Sound Chapter

President Susan Tampasis – Heart of Illinois Chapter

Treasurer William Peterson – Phoenix Chapter

Secretary Patrick Donnelly – Pittsburgh Chapter



Diane Amendt – Southeastern Michigan Chapter

Kim Butcher – Evansville Tri-State Chapter

Len Douglass – Southeastern Michigan Chapter

Henry Gold – San Francisco Chapter

Deane Jaeger – Wisconsin Chapter

Joan Loken – Rocky Mountain Chapter

Suzanne McNealy – Sacramento Area Chapter

Joe Parks – Houston Chapter

Christi Powell – Heart of Oklahoma Chapter

Sue Spurlin – Chicagoland Chapter


Associate Directors

Diane Ellison – Puget Sound Chapter

Bobbie Kincaid – Heart of Illinois Chapter

Mary Ann Rentsch – Northeast Ohio Chapter

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