How do I access the SSGPlus app?

2015-07-29 17:29

The SSGPlus is available to those members who have a Plus membership.

Starting from the BetterInvesting home page, enter a ticker in the 'Enter ticker' box, under the Online Tools heading, and click 'Go'.

When the stock study opens, go to the Preferences menu, and click General. On the next screen, use the drop down menu next to 'Preferred SSG Version', and switch it to SSGPlus.

Click the Save button near the right hand corner of the page, and the stock study will be refreshed, showing the SSGPlus version instead of the CoreSSG.

If you are trying to switch to the SSGPlus, and do not see the option, you can check your account, to see if you have access, from the main web site. While signed in on the main site, click 'Update Profile' in the grey bar near the top of the page. Scroll down to the 'Product Subscription Information' heading. This will show your membership, and access to the online tools.

You can also explore the differences between CoreSSG and SSGPlus at

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