How do I export a study from CoreSSG or SSGPlus?

Sean Pulrang
2015-10-01 13:06

If you are not already using the CoreSSG or SSGPlus, then from the main home page, click the 'My Studies' button, in the Online Tools section.
From any CoreSSG or SSGplus page, click the ‘My Studies’ tab, on the left hand side of the page (second from the top).
Click on the company you wish to export, and it will be displayed as an SSG.
From the set of menus across the top of the Stock Study, click ‘Files’, and then Export SSG File, or Export ITK File. If you plan to use the file in Toolkit, we suggest to use the Export ITK File option. 

At this point, most browsers will automatically begin downloading and saving the file to a preset location. If you are asked to choose a location, we suggest the Downloads folder. While most browsers will automatically save the file to a specific location, not all of them save to the same location, nor do they necessarily remind you where to find the downloaded file. For steps on finding downloaded files on your computer, we suggest the following article on the ICLUBcentral FAQ site:

Once the file is done downloading, you can usually select to automatically open the file, if you choose. If you plan to work on the file latter, or if you cannot get Toolkit to automatically open the file, we suggest the following article on the ICLUBcentral FAQ site, on manually importing files:

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