How is the SSGPlus different from Toolkit?

2016-06-16 19:27

There are a number of key differences at this time between the SSGPlus and Toolkit:

  • SSGPlus is an online app that is functional on PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and mobile devices. Toolkit 6 is built only for a Windows PC environment and requires installation on the computer itself.
  • The stock equity data is built into the SSGPlus app and price. Toolkit requires a separate data source at an additional price to automatically import equity data into the program.
  • SSGPlus includes displays of comparison data for your company’s peer companies. Toolkit does not have data for peer companies.
  • SSGPlus can display the judgments of other members of the community through the Member Sentiment listing. Toolkit does not have any link to bring in the judgment of others.
  • SSGPlus has the ability to screen the database of equities for likely candidates. Toolkit does not have any screening capabilities.
  • SSGPlus can provide current stock ideas through the Ticker Heat Map. Toolkit does not have any method to leverage community input.
  • SSGPlus and Toolkit both have a Portfolio Summary, PERT and Diversification reports. Toolkit has 3 additional portfolio reports; Trend, Offense and Defense. 
  • Toolkit has a Challenge feature to compare a stock you believe should replace another stock in your portfolio to evaluate the potential consequences of the swap. SSGPlus does not yet have this feature.
  • SSGPlus has a more robust Stock Comparison Guide (SCG) which allows comparison to industry averages as well as the ability to save your  SCG for future review and edits.

Each program will return identical SSG results if identical judgments are entered.

Here is a link to the key features of each tool.

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