Where can I sign up for 'Live" webinars?

2015-09-09 14:19

If you are already a BetterInvesting member, please sign up at:

If you are not currently a member of BetterInvesting, you can still sign up for upcoming webinars on our site at:

While some webinars (What's new in Tools, and the SSGPlus Tutorial) are free for both members and non members, others are lower cost, or entirely free for members. If you are a BetterInvesting member, make sure you use the link for the members section of the web site to get the best deal on webinars.

For more information on BetterInvesting webinars, please see the Webinars section of our FAQ:
For more information on using the BetterInvesting web site, please see the Website section of our FAQ:
For more information on BetterInvesting membership, please see the Membership section of our FAQ:
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